Our Founder - Shah Hatun


Hello everyone, thank you for visiting my website.  I have been happily married for 14 years and have three children, 13 year old boy and girl twins, and a 10 year old boy. My husband and I own and manage a fashion boutique store called Fashion Instyle in Miami for the last 10 years. Building a website has been my long time dream and with all your help I hope to make it a success.

Why Fashion Instyle Miami (Hijab Instyle Miami for my conservative and hijabi sisters)?

Well, I love fashion, I love Miami, and I love being elegant and stylish. So it was a simple task to put those three things together.

What Does Fashion Mean to Me?

Growing up in my mom’s tailor shop, being in the fashion industry for most of my adult life and now as a boutique owner I have always had a sense of fashion and an ability to put outfits together. Fabrics, colors, and styles change every season as do our tastes in clothes. What doesn’t change as often is our sense of style as individuals. My motto in my business is “Fashion can be bought, Style one must possess.” My job is to make you discover your styles and help you find the right clothes for that style. Fashion is very subjective but really the only opinion that counts is yours. Instead of following trends I try to create my own style by matching handbags, shoes, and accessories to my outfits to create a harmonious look.

What Is My Favorite Look This Season?

I prefer to keep my outfits simple, timeless, and business like. My wardrobe consists of a lot of neutral colors, such as, black, navy, gray, blue, dusty pink, and beige.  Clean straight lines dominate my closet. These days, I like boyfriend tops and shirt dresses. I like combining them with palazzo pants or skinny statement pants.  Oversized sunglasses are always my favorite accessory that I carry with me. I use lots of plain scarves and shawls to do my hair cover. I find myself coming up with new styles almost every day.  I like versatile pieces that can create a different look with a simple touch or addition such as a pearl necklace, a bright purse, or an oversized belt.

Now, let the fun begin…